Gluten Free MamaMy name is Amy and I am on a life-long quest to improve the health of my family, myself, and those around me. Over the years I’ve tried every type of nutritional lifestyle you can imagine from eating whatever I felt like with no conscious thought (and gaining 70 pounds and developing adult-onset acne and eczema as a result) to vegetarian to food combining to dairy-free to raw vegan and literally everything in between.

My obsession with nutritional lifestyle is centered on my deeply-held belief that our bodies can heal themselves. It’s my belief that the reason so many people suffer from anxiety, depression, fatigue, skin rashes, allergies and so on is because we are not eating the right foods.

The American diet is riddled with so many toxic chemicals it’s mind-boggling! And as the old saying goes…garbage in, garbage out!
We are, after all, what we eat.

After years of feeling lethargic, apathetic, achy, and riddled with adult acne and eczema, I decided it was time to clean up my act (and my body) from the inside out. Now that I have children, I don’t want them to suffer the life-long consequences of my bad judgment.

After reading and seeing actress and author Jenny McCarthy talk about how her son, Evan, was cured of autism by following a gluten free diet, I was convinced that food can, in fact, work miracles. It was then that I decided to incorporate more of the right things into my family’s diet.

I am blessed in that neither myself nor any of my family members suffer from Celiac disease or gluten allergies (officially). Although I have to credit gluten free living with clearing up my acne, relieving my eczema, and greatly improving my mood.

Sure, the kids sometimes turn their noses up at new things, but they still get to enjoy most of what they love. Their attitudes have been FAR better than what they used to be and I truly believe it’s because they’re getting the proper fuel they need to make their little bodies flourish! Before eating gluten free both of my kids were often cranky and hyper. Now, of course, we still have our rough days; but that’s just raising kids!

In my journey to a gluten free life I have had lots of stumbles along the way. Fortunately, the internet is a fabulous resource for people wanting or needing to follow a gluten free diet and I’ve had a lot of inspiration to guide me.

I’ll share my journey with you by posting recipes my family has enjoyed, advice on how to handle eating out at restaurants gluten free, news on gluten free foods, medical research and more.

Follow along with me and my family if you, too, are interested in creating a gluten free life!