Gluten free list - in our gluten free mix of stuff you'll find everything from gluten free bread recipes to gluten free pizza, pasta, cake, beer and more! If you're looking for gluten free meals you're in the right place!

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    I found a knock-off recipe for Hooter’s fried chicken wings a few weeks ago. Now, if you’ve ever had them, you know Hooter’s wings are absolutely delicious! This is the one food that I crave at least twice a week and it pains me that I can no longer have them.

    Unfortunately, people suffering from gluten intolerance can’t just run out to the nearest Hooters and order a plate of wings. And, of course, many of you may not live anywhere near a Hooter’s restaurant to begin with. If you’ve never had these wings you don’t know what you’re missing! For those of you who have been searching for a great gluten free fried chicken wings recipe, you have finally find it!

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    We all know that just about every yummy recipe in the world calls for flour. It’s a shame that people living gluten free can’t just go to the store and pick up any old flour; but that’s just not how a gluten free diet works!

    Here is a great gluten free mix flour replacement to use as a substitute in any recipe calling for flour:

    • 1 c. tapioca flour
    • 2 c. potato starch or potato flour
    • 6 c. white or brown rice flour

    Combine ingredients and mix thoroughly. This can be used in recipes that call for flour.

    Note: If you have never mixed flours, be sure there are no streaks or clumps of the individual flours. When you’re finished it should appear to be only one kind of flour.

    Another ingredient you’ll often find in recipes is cream of soup. Of course, most of the store-bought varieties are not gluten free and are loaded with sodium. Here’s a simple gluten free mix cream of soup replacement to add to your gluten free arsenal:

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    Cover of "Living Gluten-Free For Dummies ...

    If you are allergic to wheat, intolerant to gluten, suffer from celiac disease, or you simply want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, then learning to cook gluten free meals is essential! You’ll not only need to know what you can and cannot eat, but you’ll need to know how to read food labels, and avoid cross-contamination when cooking. Often the most difficult part of that learning curve is finding good replacements for basics like flour and sandwich bread.

    More and more grocery stores and and health food merchants are carrying gluten free mixes and ingredients for preparing gluten free meals. It’s a good idea to try some pre-packaged mixes and see if they work for your family. This is a greaty way to find out which gluten free flours taste best. This way, when you feel you are ready to begin blending your own gluten free mixes, you will not need to waste your hard-earned paycheck on ingredients you know don’t taste good to you.

    Pre-packaged baking mixes are a convenient and quick way to get used to how different it is to work with gluten free flours. When you’re ready to begin making your own gluten free mixes, try our gluten free flour replacement recipe to get your started.

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