Avoid croutons

If you live with people who eat products containing gluten you should be especially cautious about cross-contaminating. Gluten can often be found on cooking utensils, pots and pans, counter tops and more. Here are some tips to follow in order to avoid gluten cross-contamination in your kitchen.

  • Refrigerate or freeze gluten free flours in sealed and labeled containers.
  • Use only fresh water to boil your gluten free foods – don’t do so in water someone else has used to boil non gluten free food.
  • Buy a new toaster and don’t share it with others toasting gluten-containing foods.
  • Don’t use any pan or skillet which has been used to prepare non gluten free meals.
  • Thoroughly wash any equipment, utensils, or appliances that were used to prepare gluten products.
  • Never double dip! Butter dishes, jelly jars, and salsa jars are some examples of the types of places you’ll find potential gluten cross-contamination.
  • Don’t believe the myth that you can safely remove buns from your burger, scrape gravy from your plate, or pick out croutons from a salad. Crumbs of gluten will inevitably remain and contaminate your meal.
  • Ask people handling your food (such as the employee at a deli) to clean the equipment used to slice or prepare your gluten free food. They also need to change their gloves. They may have handled a gluten-containing product.

Because for many people suffering from gluten allergies it’s vital that gluten cross contamination be avoided, it’s wise to designate an area of your kitchen to store all gluten free ingredients.

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